Callisto™ is a unique information service for libraries.  It automatically discovers and monitors your subscriptions to e-resource content providers, enabling you to maintain complete access to all your institutional and consortial subscriptions. When things affect your access you’ll know when, what, where, and why.
Having Callisto makes the complex work of troubleshooting your campus users’ access problems easier. Reference librarians and others on the front lines of support will be able to see the current and historical status of all your online resources to inform users competently. Catalogers will know the same day that titles get added or removed from your subscriptions, and when whole new collections of resources become available. Callisto will also help you correct and update your e-resource systems such as A-Z lists, link resolvers, OPAC, ERMS, LibGuides, and EZproxy.
Activate Callisto on your campus and users will be happier with all your e-resource offerings, and library personnel can spend less effort troubleshooting and communicating back and forth.
No other product compares to Callisto — even customers with the full suite of e-resource systems from other vendors have found Callisto beneficial and complementary.

Callisto Pro and Callisto Basic

FREE OFFER:  Most higher-education institutions qualify to use Callisto Basic as an ongoing free service!  This offer is currently open to 4-year and graduate colleges or universities in the U.S on a first-come first-served basis.  Foreign libraries and other types of domestic institutions are welcome to inquire and may be included.
Get started with the free version today and upgrade to Pro later when you want.  A feature comparison between the two tiers is available.

Selected Features

The Callisto data and features are available through an easy-to-use web dashboard. You will be able to:

  • View your subscription access changes and each provider’s uptime (availability) historically
  • Easily see which of your networks don’t have the same subscriptions (you’ll be surprised)
  • Know when your providers add or remove your access to specific databases, ejournals, ebooks, etc.
  • See the locations and durations of current and past access problems recorded at your site
  • Verify your subscriptions are accessible through your EZproxy and VPN systems
  • Helps correct which e-resource titles are active in your OPAC, A-Z list, OpenURL link resolver, LibGuides, etc.
  • Much more…

Hosted System

With the exception of the simple maintenance-free probe, everything in our products is hosted and maintained by Sharp Moon on our servers in world-class cloud computing data centers.  We don’t give you or your IT department more to worry about.  Callisto is so automatic and easy to use, that many libraries have had it successfully operating less than an hour after getting their account.

Remote Sensing Probes

Callisto™ uses customer-installed probes for ground truth accurate verification of your e-content subscriptions.  The probe software is efficient and unobtrusive so it can be deployed almost anywhere in your organization, even on public-access, lab, or shared staff workstations (anything running recent Windows). The probe is fast and easy to install, self-updating, and secure.  The probe stores no data and needs neither configuration nor backups.  Callisto and its probes work even on our customers’ networks who use firewalls, DHCP, NAT, and through many VPNs.