Video Tutorials

If you like any of the features you see below, request to join the free Basic tier or ask us for a quote. Most of these videos demonstrate Callisto operating in the complete “Pro tier”, but the fundamentals are the same in Basic. See the differences between the versions.

Callisto Tour: the Access Status Overview

Using Callisto for location-focused or network-focused e-resource troubleshooting
The “Access Status” display in Callisto gives a powerful overview of your E-Resource subscriptions across multiple locations. This video demonstrates the major information elements and features, and how to use them for troubleshooting and fixing your subscriptions. The video is in three main parts, to show some typical configurations our customers have, and how these affect the display and interpretation of results.
Part 1: The simplest configuration, with a single IP address range (a.k.a. “Access Route”) being tracked and displayed. Includes explanation of subscription identifier labels @1:19 and an introduction to the deep title tracking features @4:45.
Part 2: @5:40 Viewing subscription statuses from multiple IP ranges on a single campus, to automatically find locations missing access (either partially or totally). Shows typical examples of completely missing access and of accidental multi-subscription partial overlaps. Filtering the display to just see mis-matches @12:30.
Part 3: @13:09 Comparing 1 IP range against EZproxy server, to find providers (domains or hostnames) missing from or disallowed in EZproxy’s configuration.


Callisto Tour: Events

Using Callisto for time-focused e-resource troubleshooting
Begins with descriptions of several important event types: “Access Lost” @0:54, “Provider Error” @1:44, “Provider Unavailable” @2:06, “Subscription Label Changed” or  “…Missing” @2:51
Viewing examples of real data @3:17 and interpreting a group of related events from multiple networks. Email notifications (a.k.a. Alerts) and how they are automatically grouped and filtered @4:49. Note there are also several important customer-selectable filtering features for alerts not shown here.  Understanding “Subscription Label Changes” @6:13 and viewing the additional “Notes” @6:35.  More on filtering the Events screen @6:57
Working through a typical ER Troubleshooting Use Case @7:16 and understanding blank “Resolved At” times @9:08
Viewing recurring stability problems with a provider, and discussion of the library service ramifications @9:30
Concurrent Use Limit detection @10:48


Callisto Tour: Title Tracking Features

For some subscription content providers, Callisto also tracks which titles are available within your subscription. Depending on the provider’s licensing model and how their content is presented to users, those “titles” we track may be packages/collections, databases, or individual ebooks or ejournals. Note that these features are ancillary — not core to the purpose of Callisto.
The video starts at the dashboard’s Events screen, where changes to a subscriptions’ titles are recorded. To learn more about the Events screen and some of the other things Callisto detects and records, watch our video called “Callisto Tour: Events”

  • Title Timeline feature starts @2:10
  • Title Timeline custom comparisons, and how these can be useful for updating your “A-Z” database lists, OPAC, metasearch, OpenURL resolver, or LibGuides @2:55
  • How the “Reconciliation Notes” within the Timeline can be useful for the previous workflow @4:59


Callisto Setup & Configuration: Providers

Callisto will automatically detect most of your library’s e-resource subscriptions. But there are a few situations where you may wish to modify the default behavior for a content provider. This video shows how to configure the few content providers like Gale Cengage databases, where Callisto is not 100% automatic at first. Tip: View the help on your Providers dashboard to see more examples of Site URL Codes besides what is shown in this video.


Callisto Setup: Tour of a New Empty Site

Before anyone at your library activates the Callisto system so it can begin to analyze and track your subscriptions, you’ll have mostly empty screens in the Sharp Moon Callisto dashboard. This is a 1-minute orientation as a baseline reference.


Support Video: New Accounts and Password Resets