Callisto Upgrade – June 2013

Many enhancements to Callisto were released in June.   The functionality improvements and two fixes were based on feedback from our customers.  Included:

  • The integration support with EZproxy was enhanced to work properly even at institutions using customized EZproxy response pages.
  • A new Provider details screen in the dashboard displays the URL(s) currently being used by Callisto to verify your subscriptions.  In the cases where an institution must use an embedded code in their URLs (e.g. for Gale databases), this custom URL is displayed.
  • The Probe software has been enhanced so we can support additional providers and more title-level tracking that weren’t compatible before.  Project MUSE title tracking is the first benefit of this feature.
  • The system was altered to handle very long book title subscriptions, like some Callisto tracks at ABC-Clio.
  • Performance enhancements to the gathering and processing of deep title tracking data.
  • The password set & reset forms were altered to fix a bug that wouldn’t accept some long but supposedly valid passwords.
  • Usability improvements and a fix to the access route configuration screen.
  • Numerous updates to e-resource provider connectors.