Callisto 2.2

In January, we began rolling out a series of enhancements to Callisto’s capabilities. These are part of an even larger system redesign effort that is still underway.

A little history seems relevant here. We first developed Callisto in 2010-2011, with it becoming available in August 2011. Although we made many small improvements in subsequent months and years, the software we built then was largely the same until this year. But the world wide web continues to evolve, such that technologies and practices in wide use on websites now are often very different, more varied, and more complex. The side-effect for us was that with version 1.x, we were finding it more difficult to keep up with ER provider website changes and too often that it was not possible to track subscriptions and alert our customers of problems with certain providers.

The Callisto 2.x versions have focused on reengineering most of the components and software involved with the whole pipeline of data processing that Callisto does. The wonderful results already include that Callisto is now much more flexible and technically capable of adapting to each Provider, and it’s faster and easier for us to add or update support for ER providers that our customer libraries need tracked.

The redesign completed so far also gets us much closer Callisto 3.0, which will be focused on our customer-side interface features, with new analytics and more. Please contact us to find out more! Subscribers to our service will be invited to help us fine-tune design choices.