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Callisto 2.2

In January, we began rolling out a series of enhancements to Callisto’s capabilities. These are part of an even larger system redesign effort that is still underway. A little history seems relevant here. We first developed Callisto in 2010-2011, with it becoming available in August 2011. Although we made many small improvements in subsequent months and years, the software we built then was largely the same until this year. But the world wide web continues to evolve, such that technologies and practices in wide use on websites now are often very different, more varied, and more complex. The side-effect for…

Provider Updates for Jan. 2021

Support for the following E-Resource Providers was updated or added: AAPG Datapages Combined Publications ABC-Clio Databases ABC-Clio eBooks Access Engineering Acta Sanctorum Adam Matthew Archive Explorer African American Biographical Database Alexander Street Press Collections (new interface) Antimicrobe Archive Finder ASCE Library AskART The Artists’ Bluebook Birds of North America Black Studies Center Books in Print Professional Brill Reference Works C19: The Nineteenth Century Index Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections China People’s Daily Choice Reviews Online CINDAS Cold Spring Harbor Protocols CQPress Electronic Library Dictionary of American Regional English Dictionary of Irish Biography DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) Duxiu Dyabola ebrary…

Callisto Upgrade – June 2013

Many enhancements to Callisto were released in June.   The functionality improvements and two fixes were based on feedback from our customers.  Included: The integration support with EZproxy was enhanced to work properly even at institutions using customized EZproxy response pages. A new Provider details screen in the dashboard displays the URL(s) currently being used by Callisto to verify your subscriptions.  In the cases where an institution must use an embedded code in their URLs (e.g. for Gale databases), this custom URL is displayed. The Probe software has been enhanced so we can support additional providers and more title-level tracking that…

Callisto Upgrade – Oct. 2012 (Automatic event linking)

The October update included adjustments to how and when related events detected by Callisto get linked together.  On occasion, e-resource providers exhibit oscillations between working normally and failing.  This Callisto update allows the system to link such outages together into a sort of “master event list”, so that Callisto won’t report all those oscillations via alert emails, and won’t show it as fixed by the provider until they return to normal for a longer period of time. We also made improvements to the variety of subscription identifiers we can track.

Callisto Upgrade – Sept. 2012

September’s updates included many internal software improvements to expand compatibility with a wider variety of e-resource providers.

Callisto Upgrade – June 2012 (Free tier & many more providers)

New Tier of Service As of June, we provide a new tier of service.  Callisto Basic™ is a feature/data limited version of the full product (now called Callisto Pro™ to distinguish them). FREE OFFER:  Most higher-education institutions qualify to use Callisto Basic as an ongoing free service!  This offer is currently open to 4-year and graduate colleges or universities in the U.S on a first-come first-served basis.  Foreign libraries and other types of domestic institutions are welcome to inquire and may be included. Get started with the free version today and upgrade to Pro later when you want.  A feature…

Callisto Upgrade – Apr. 2012 (Title Timelines)

New feature: “Title Timeline” view added Building on the March enhancements, the second phase of new title-level functionality in Callisto is now available.  You now have a “Title Timeline” view for each provider where it is relevant.  In the example image 1, you can see one set of titles has been selected (red dashed line).  The system automatically indicated (with yellow) the other title sets that contain the same exact title information without having to drill in for details.  At that point one more click drills in to either a single set of titles (from one access route at one…

Callisto Upgrade – Mar. 2012 (#2)

Improved speed & accuracy of detecting problem resolutions Callisto now has an even more advanced dynamic scheduling process for verifying your subscriptions.  Callisto is now even more accurate in discovering and reporting WHEN your access problems have been resolved. This new scheduler design even allows us to further reduce the normal frequency that the probes test your providers, so Callisto still has very low-impact on everyone’s computing resources.

Callisto Upgrade – Mar. 2012

Title Tracking! March brings the most exciting set of feature improvements since Callisto was released. Even with the several ways Callisto could detect and track your subscriptions before, librarians wanted more to address what they perceive as the most troublesome aspect of e-resource support. Now Callisto also detects and verifies your subscriptions to individual databases, collections, and book/journal titles inside content providers!