Callisto Upgrade – Mar. 2012

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Title Tracking!

March brings the most exciting set of feature improvements since Callisto was released. Even with the several ways Callisto could detect and track your subscriptions before, librarians wanted more to address what they perceive as the most troublesome aspect of e-resource support.

Now Callisto also detects and verifies your subscriptions to individual databases, collections, and book/journal titles inside content providers!

If you’ve seen Callisto before, you already know it automatically finds where you have online content subscriptions and in many cases can even show where you have the wrong institution’s subscription. We’ve taken that and extended it much further, so that for many content providers Callisto also automatically detects which databases, collections, and/or individual titles your subscriptions include. Thereafter it does automatic change detection and can notify you when any part of your campus gains or loses access to resources. You can view your available titles across your campus’ networks (they often vary unintentionally, which creates incredible confusion for your researchers and public service librarians). Callisto also stores the subscription changes historically to help you reconcile your other access systems, on whatever time frame you need.

Callisto is currently verifying subscription access to over 4,800 unique e-resources for our customer sites. These include 2,000+ JSTOR titles, 250 Cambridge Journals, 797 ABC-Clio eBooks, 728 Periodicals Archive Online titles, 91 ProQuest databases, 119 EBSCO Host databases, 79 Gale databases, 91 Karger titles and more. We continue to add the new title-depth analysis to more of the content providers, so we’ll soon support many thousands more.