Benefits for Catalogers

You’re charged with adding, updating, and removing records from your library catalog and possibly from other systems whenever subscriptions change.

Example Scenario 1:

With Callisto, you can get automatic email alerts when your institution gains or loses access to ejournals, ebooks, and other online collections, the same day the access changes.   You can view the lists of titles actually accessible from each of your online content providers, and compare the lists at different points in time.

For example, suppose 3 months ago you had confirmed that all of your journals from JSTOR, SAGE, and Periodicals Archive Online had corresponding OPAC records.  But journals come and go on a nearly daily basis, and you’ve heard someone complaining again about both missing titles and bad links in the OPAC.

With Callisto you can view a timeline of your history of accessible titles.  It can show you exactly which titles have been added or removed from each of your subscriptions between the date you verified them until now.  No more guess work involved.

Example Scenario 2:

You hear from your Acquisitions department or a selector that they’re purchasing or canceling a specific e-book collection this year but they’re not sure exactly when the publisher will activate or deactivate it.  Knowing that users get really frustrated with bad links and records, you’d like to wait until it really happens to load or suppress those catalog records.  Callisto will send you an email the same day it happens — regardless of what date was promised.

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