Request received

Thank you for your interest in Sharp Moon services and for requesting the Callisto Basic service.  Your request has been sent via email to our team.

Ordinarily at this point we would contact you to schedule a getting started webinar and provide your account to log in and begin using Callisto Basic.

But we have temporarily putting new Basic service requests on hold. We have added many more new customers recently, which is great!  So we are now busy improving the performance of our system to address our growth and make sure especially our premium customers are not negatively impacted. Most importantly, we are hard at work redesigning several major aspects of the Callisto system. We’re excited about the improved functionality and richer, more usable troubleshooting information customers will have.  Both the free Callisto Basic and the premium Callisto Pro services are being improved.

When we’re ready to re-open the basic service to new customers, we will contact you again and will be very pleased to have you begin using it then.

If you have other questions or needs, you may contact our team here