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ER&L Conference 2016

Meet us at the 2016 Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference.  Co-founder John Weible will be on site throughout the conference to talk with you and can show Callisto in action.  Also learn about Callisto Insights and sign up for the upcoming beta release. Contact us either at the Vendor Exhibits (booth #612) or by email to make an appointment.

2016 will be our third year as an exhibiting sponsor at ER&L.  We gain most of our new customers there and also get the rare pleasure of finally meeting some of our existing customers in person.  See you there!


ER&L 2015

Meet us at the 2015 Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference.  Co-founder John Weible will be on site throughout the conference to talk with you and can show Callisto in action.

Last year was our first time as an exhibiting sponsor vendor, and it was our most successful event so far.  We gained many new customers and had the pleasure of finally meeting some of our existing customers in person.  We expect 2015 will be just as great a conference, and hope to see you there!


ER&L Conference 2014

We’re excited to be a sponsoring exhibitor company at ER&L for the first time, in March 2014, Austin Texas.

Come meet us and learn what Callisto can do to automatically troubleshoot your electronic resource subscriptions.

Two of our co-founders will be on-site for most of the conference – Kelvin Touchette and John Weible.


Callisto Upgrade – June 2013

Many enhancements to Callisto were released in June.   The functionality improvements and two fixes were based on feedback from our customers.  Included:

  • The integration support with EZproxy was enhanced to work properly even at institutions using customized EZproxy response pages.
  • A new Provider details screen in the dashboard displays the URL(s) currently being used by Callisto to verify your subscriptions.  In the cases where an institution must use an embedded code in their URLs (e.g. for Gale databases), this custom URL is displayed.
  • The Probe software has been enhanced so we can support additional providers and more title-level tracking that weren’t compatible before.  Project MUSE title tracking is the first benefit of this feature.
  • The system was altered to handle very long book title subscriptions, like some Callisto tracks at ABC-Clio.
  • Performance enhancements to the gathering and processing of deep title tracking data.
  • The password set & reset forms were altered to fix a bug that wouldn’t accept some long but supposedly valid passwords.
  • Usability improvements and a fix to the access route configuration screen.
  • Numerous updates to e-resource provider connectors.


Many libraries began using Callisto this spring

A wave of new libraries signed on to use Callisto at their institutions this spring.  Some of these new adoptions followed customer discussions of our services at the 2013 E-Resources and Libraries conference.

We’re pleased to have added our first non-academic customer, a large research medical center library.

Other recently added customer libraries in the U.S. and Canada include select members of the NorthEast Research Libraries (NERL), the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), the Ivy League, the Ontario Council of Canadian Libraries (OCUL), the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), the Texas State University System, and the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).

Sign up free to find out what your institution is missing!


Callisto Upgrade – Oct. 2012 (Automatic event linking)

The October update included adjustments to how and when related events detected by Callisto get linked together.  On occasion, e-resource providers exhibit oscillations between working normally and failing.  This Callisto update allows the system to link such outages together into a sort of “master event list”, so that Callisto won’t report all those oscillations via alert emails, and won’t show it as fixed by the provider until they return to normal for a longer period of time.

We also made improvements to the variety of subscription identifiers we can track.

Callisto Upgrade – Sept. 2012

September’s updates included many internal software improvements to expand compatibility with a wider variety of e-resource providers.

Callisto Upgrade – July 2012

July’s software upgrade included user interface improvements for the Title Reconciliation feature.

Callisto Upgrade – June 2012 (Free tier & many more providers)

New Tier of Service

As of June, we provide a new tier of service.  Callisto Basic™ is a feature/data limited version of the full product (now called Callisto Pro™ to distinguish them).

FREE OFFER:  Most higher-education institutions qualify to use Callisto Basic as an ongoing free service!  This offer is currently open to 4-year and graduate colleges or universities in the U.S on a first-come first-served basis.  Foreign libraries and other types of domestic institutions are welcome to inquire and may be included.

Get started with the free version today and upgrade to Pro later when you want.  A feature comparison between the two tiers is available.

New Content Provider Support

During June we added support for over 70 more content providers to Callisto Pro.  This expansion includes things like PharmacyLibrary, LLMC Digital Law Library, ProQuest PolicyFile, The OED, Roper Center, Naxos Music Library & Sheet Music, IOP Science, Cambridge Histories Online, ASTM Standards & Engineering Digital Library, Film Indexes Online, Monthly Catalog, Springer Protocols, Jane’s Defense & Security, Lexis-Nexis History Vault, and many more.


Callisto Upgrade – Apr. 2012 (Title Timelines)

New feature: “Title Timeline” view added

Building on the March enhancements, the second phase of new title-level functionality in Callisto is now available.  You now have a “Title Timeline” view for each provider where it is relevant.  In the example image 1, you can see one set of titles has been selected (red dashed line).  The system automatically indicated (with yellow) the other title sets that contain the same exact title information without having to drill in for details.  At that point one more click drills in to either a single set of titles (from one access route at one point in time), or you can view a comparison screen between any two sets to see which titles were added or removed from your subscription between those dates.

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