Callisto Upgrade – Oct. 2011

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Select which Access Routes to Compare

Arguably the most fun and informative part of Callisto is viewing the Access Status summary dashboard. That’s where you can see all the subscriptions that are available across all of your networks and proxy servers, and where every subscription anomaly is occurring. The automatic detection and display of those subscription mismatches is now much more flexible.

If you have three or more “Access Routes” being monitored by Callisto (such as two IP ranges and an EZproxy server), now you can dynamically select among all your Access Routes which ones you want compared in the matrix.

This feature allows you to quickly identify the mistakes in your subscription coverage by excluding the ranges which are supposed to be exceptional. One example, suppose you have 5 networks (IP ranges) monitored for your campus, and one is your law school which has many subscriptions different from the campus as a whole, and another is the campus VPN service which allows on-campus research park companies or alumni access to reach only selected subscriptions. In this situation, comparing all 5 of your Access Routes together will always show a lot of mismatches in access, yet most will be intentional. You can now deselect VPN and Law to instantly pinpoint the main campus subscriptions that have incorrect authorizations.